Words Matter.
What do yours say about you?

Marketing Strategist

& Web Designer

My name is Melissa Breau and I’m an independent marketing strategist and copywriter.

I’ve spent 10+ years in marketing, specializing in marketing for small and medium size B2B businesses using inbound marketing strategies and marketing automation.

Work With Me

Owner, Click and repeat

My primary work is through my company, Click and Repeat. We specialize in marketing and design for dog trainers to help them communicate what they do clearly and positively. 

In addition to running Click & Repeat, I am also …

Co-owner of Dog Trainer’s Umbrella

Dog Trainer’s Umbrella is an  organization that helps combat the myth in dog training that you have to choose between doing what you love, and making a good living.

DTU helps you make a good living while doing what you love: training dogs. We provide content to help you make that a reality.

Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast Host

As the podcast host for the Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast, each week I interview dog trainers and instructors about the most current and up to date training methods they’re using.

Trainer’s Growth Group Coach

Trainer’s Growth Group is a paid membership community for dog trainers looking to grow their business and maximize their marketing efforts. I provide materials and presentations for TGG members as well as co-host our yearly trainer’s meetup.

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Instructor

I teach multiple classes, workshops, and webinars at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.